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Judgements & Orders Passed by Supreme Court of India

Judgement and orders passed by supreme court of India is either reportable or non reportable. Various paid websites are also available that provides online judgments of supreme court of India.  supreme court of India judgement and supreme court of India orders are also published in various journals that are published on monthly or weekly basis. The total number of judgements annually has been contantly rising ever since the inception of Supreme Court of India back in 1950. The total number of judgemnts in 50's were just in 100's or beow 100 in some year. As the time passed the legal preeceeding in the supreme court of India also increased this in turn resulted in higher number of Supreme Court Of India Judgements. Annual judgements in the recent years have been crossing the thousand digit marks, despite numerous judgements still pending in Supreme Court of India.The proceedings of the Supreme Court are conducted in English only. Supreme Court Rules, 1966 are framed under Article 145 of the Constitution to regulate the practice and procedure of the Supreme Court.

As the awareness of internet is growing, online judgements of supreme court of india is now being readily available by many online courts judgements websites. The main advantages of these website are now the professional from the legal fraternity need not carry or maintain and expensive library of courts judgements books. The online judgements of supreme court of India are being published on various online law website, thought there are hardly any quality website that can serve the law analytics or data mining of legal data that can be more efficiently used qith quality information by professional from legal fraternity. Many of these websites boast of various features that enables an individual to retrive a judgement just by click of mouse, high pitched sales by marketing officials of such website. But the reality can only be know by the actual users of these paid Supreme Courts Of India Online Judgements website.