What Is the Advantage of Advocatemail.com

What Is the Advantage of Advocatemail.com

Advocatemail.com is an effort to create an web indentity of professionals from leagl fraternity. As the domain name is self explanatory and it signifies that the email address id is of a professional from legal fraternity. By using the email address it createa a default identity that the user is from legal fraternity.
various email services that are being curently offered and used by individual will not signify your esteemed profession, but yourname@advocatemail.com does creates an indentity that the user is an emails.

As the saying goes, dress and address makes the difference and the legalprofession has the dress code so why not even an address code. profession from legal franternity always prefer a office in the bar chamber in the judicial premises, despite having personal offices the office in bar chamber signifies their professional address.

So when Advocates have a dress code, Address code (Office in Bar Chamber) then why not web address to exclusively for lawyers.