Outlook Type Ajax Based Web Interface

Ajax based Web mail interface which has same look and feel as desktop client like MS Outlook. Does away the need to buy expensive Outlook license and also prevents sypware & worm based spam mails being sent through Outlook, which is pretty common if the desktop is not adequately secured.

Much like the Outlook, the messages list has an indefinite scroll, thereby eliminating the need for pagination and hence saves a lot of time which moving through the entire message list. The screen shot of the Ajax based Outlook like web interface is as shown in the image below:


As evident, it has all the features of MS Outlook, including displaying Calendaring, folders, unread message count in each folder and also archiving any mail in a separate folder.

In addition, each message has a right click customized context menu to do a lot of manipulations on a given message as shown in the image below:


So, for example, you can Flag a message, create a new filter, Copy, move or delete a message, mark message as spam, blacklist or whitelist the sender of the message etc.