Advance Task Manager Used As Advocate Diary

A Perfect online feature that can be used as Online Advocate Diary that can be used by lawyers for their day to day work and also features of online reminders for future tasks that is integrated with your mail account.

The mail account on comes with a Task manager as part of the "Personal Organizer" package which includes Calenderings, Tasks, and Notes. All your tasks that you log offline can now be managed online in your account. The Home Page of the Task Manager with an added task is as shown in Figure 1 below. To Add a new Task, all you have to do is click in the area as shown in Fig 1 and start adding the same. Once added, you can also change the complettion percentage as the due date of Task appears so that you never lose sight of the progress of any task that you have on hand.


Figure 1: Task Manager home Page


Not just this, you can integrate the Task with the inbuilt calendering system and also assign the task to any number of persons and they will get email notification once the task is assigned. But, all task editing and update can only be done by the account holder. As in Calendaring, reminder notification can also be set as shown in Figure 2 below:


Figure 2: Edit Task


If you have a huge list of tasks assigned to different people or not assigned at all, you can use the Filter icon to filter out the tasks that you need to view.