High End Calendering

Your AdvocateMail.com account comes with high end calendaring feature which can allow you to set meeting details for any lenght of time (day/week/year) and can also have reminders set to automatically alert you before the meeting through an alert in the webmail interface or through email or both. The calendar home page is as shown in Figure 1 below in the Month mode. You can also switch to Day and Week mode by clicking on the TAB as shown in the figure:

Figure 1: Calendering home Page in Month View mode.

The events scheduled for any date will be displayed in the calendar for the given date/time as shown in figure 1 above.

For each day you can set the meeting details as shown in the Figire 2 below. 



Figure 2: Set Meeting Details


Depending on how you prefer to set the reminder, if you have set Reminder only, then the alert will pop up in the web interface at the scheduled time as shown in Figure 3 below.

Options are -- None, Reminder & Email and Reminder only:


Figure 3: Reminder in Web Interface


So, no need to maintain an offline diary of all meetings, appoitments etc. Just set it up in your account and access it from anywhere and be reminded in realtime.