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2 GB Mail Box

By default, your AdvocateMail.com account comes with 2GB of storage space. This can be upgraded to as much as you need at nominal additional price starting from 500/GB per year. Higher slots of space will be slightly cheper on per


Advance Task Manager Used As Advocate Diary

A Perfect online feature that can be used as Online Advocate Diary that can be used by lawyers for their day to day work and also features of online reminders for future tasks that is integrated with your AdvocateMail.com mail


High End Calendering

Your AdvocateMail.com account comes with high end calendaring feature which can allow you to set meeting details for any lenght of time (day/week/year) and can also have reminders set to automatically alert you before the meeting through an alert in


Outlook Type Ajax Based Web Interface

Ajax based Web mail interface which has same look and feel as desktop client like MS Outlook. Does away the need to buy expensive Outlook license and also prevents sypware & worm based spam mails being sent through Outlook, which


Add, Edit & Access Your Important Notes

Ever felt overwhelmed carrying lose sheet of papers with important notes? No more now. Your AdvocateMail.com account comes integrated with provision to manage your important notes online and you can add, edit, delete and access notes from anywhere over the


Advanced Search Of Account

Your AdvocateMail.com account comes equipped with a simple search as well as Advanced Search interface to help you search for a specific message across your account in any folder. The search generates an endless scroll list with it's inherent advantage


Archive Important Messages

Your AdvocateMail.com account comes with Advanced Realtime Mail Filtering feature for sorting automatically the incoming mails into different folders. In addition, there would be certain messages that you would like to store for an indefinite period of time. 

In order to


Advanced Filtering - Realtime & Old Mails

You will be handling email communications from a vast number of clients and would not want that all the mails gets cluttered in Inbox. Your Advocatemail.com account comes with provision to setup Filters at any time and sort the historical


Drag & Drop Attachments And Inline Images

The WebMail interface features a drag and drop attachments and drag and drop inline images while you compose a new mail message or reply to a message. Even Multiple attachments can be sellected and drop to the designated area as


Address Book Import & Export

From the Settings section, you can import address book exported from different clients into your advocatemail.com email account. The interface is simple and intuitive s shown below:

In addition to address book import, you can also export the address book


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