Adds professional identity to your email address. is enough to let the recipient know that you are in noble legal profession as this service is only meant for LEGAL Fraternity. All order processing & activation is is manual and involves verification.


Operating the basic service for over 7 years and with constant demands of having a high end service with rapid change of technology and fast growth of mobile computing, we decided to roll out the service in two flavors -- BASIC SERVICE which would be the one that is there currently and PREMIUM SERVICE with Wireless OTA Sync any Supported Devices that works with MS Exchange.

Blackberry OTA Sync through Astrasync Client


PREMIUM and CORPORATE Services plans are based on high security mail server where all data store is "non human readable" BINARY Format on server.

  • RWOM Feature Read without Opening Mail.: Get to see upto 500 characters of mail just by hovering mouse over subject of mail
  • Advanced Search Most Advanced Search allowing you to define your search variables.
  • Folder Management Advanced Folder Management ection to manage your folders including creating nested folders.
  • Address Book Address Book utility to keep data of your contacts always availabel for you online.
  • Mod Perl Code Runs on mod_perl codebase for speed and also is secure.
  • Login History This keeps a history of last 10 logins for you to check and be sure that there's no unknown logins to your account..
  • Online Help Detailed Help to each section of WEBMAIL Interface.

  • Add MS Exchange Like Collabortion and sharing to your domain
  • Add Professional Identity to your email address
  • Over The Air Sync Of ail Folders & PIM Data on Blackberry thorugh AStraSync client
  • Over The Air Sync Of ail Folders & PIM Data On Apple IPHONE
  • Over The Air Sync Of ail Folders & On NOKIA N and Nokia E Series Smart phones
  • Over The Air Sync Of ail Folders & On Windows Mobile 6 Smart phones
  • All Mail Clients are in two way sync with data on server.
  • 2GB Storage space per account.


This just gives you a WEBMAIL access (and is the service that we have been running for well over 7 years now) and no other features that are available in PREMIUM SERVICE. However, even the WEBMAIL interface in this flavor has features which are unique to the service and not seen anywhere. For professionals from the legal fraternity who would want entire gamut of features on their account including WIRELESS Over The Air PUSH Sync we suggest going for PREMIUM SERVICE.

Premium service

This is latest addition to offering where your account is always in sync no matter from where you work -- Outlook through MAPI Connector, Handheld Device or a high end Refresh less AJAX Web interface. Comes with Wireless Over The Air PUSH Sync so all data changes on your account no matter from where it is done is instantly available on your Handheld and all other interfaces. So your assistant may be replying to a mail from Outlook in your office and you would instantly have update on your handheld device wherever you are. Unleash power of outlook and say good bye to diaries as service comes integrated with calendaring, journals, notes and task scheduling. Goodbye to cradles and cables as it's all over the air wireless sync.

Lawyer's Directory

Currently this is in beta testing and we will announce the service when all bugs are ironed out. Stay Tuned!.

New Services

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